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The multiplatform open source screenshot utility

Get Pussh

Fresh from the code factory, Pussh is now available! Released on Feb. 7, 2015, 0.0.1 is the latest version for OS X Yosemite.


Or get the source on github!

All the Upload Options

From Imgur to SFTP, Pussh has what you need to upload to the destination of your choice. Host your own screenshots with HTTP POST or SFTP. Or upload directly to Imgur, with zero configuration. More services coming as we add them.

Instant Sharing

As soon as the upload is complete the URL is in your clipboard ready for sharing. With advanced configuration options, such as randomized file names, you can easily and securely share with anyone who has a browser and an internet connection.

Open Source

Open Source is the best source. Written in JavaScript using nw.js and modularly designed, it is very easy to add new services to Pussh. And with nw.js being cross platform, even a Windows version is possible. It just needs someone to make it ;)